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Sex experience in Asian Escort in Malaysia and Singapore

Reasons for Escort in KL

Reasons for Escort

Of the 149 Chinese women interviewed outside China, 106 or 71 percent, said they knew they were going overseas to engage in the sex business even before they left China. Four subjects (or 3%) said they realized they would work as prostitutes right after they arrived in the destination country, twenty-two not long after they had arrived, and seventeen long after they had settled down abroad. The last two categories of subjects—those who entered the sex sector either not long after or long after they had gone abroad—were predominantly women we interviewed in Los Angeles and New York. These women in the United States were quite different from the other women in Asia in terms of age (older), marital status (more likely to be married or divorced), education (better educated), region of origin (came from the northeast rather than from the south), and commercial sex experience (most were not prostitutes in China).

Even though these women said they did not go to America with a plan to sell sex, we do not know how many of them knew back in China that, if they struggled in the United States, there was always a chance for them to enter prostitution as a last resort. If we exclude women in Los Angeles and New York from the calculation, then 105 out of the remaining 117 (90%) said they went overseas with the knowledge that they would be engaging in providing sexual services.

This same point has been made by Johan Lindquist (a professor at Stockholm University) and Nicola Piper (a professor at the University of Wales) in their review of the research on prostitution in Southeast Asia: "What has become clear in existing studies in Asia and elsewhere is that migrant women rarely fit the ideal-type image of the victim of trafficking. Many migrants understand prior to migration what their working destination consists of, and even if their choice is constrained by economic and social circumstances, they cannot be understood as innocent victims on a general level." The same is true with Thai women working in the sex business in Germany, as observed by social worker Prapairat Ratanaloan Mix, who said that "more than 80 percent of these women were sex workers in Thailand before going to Germany. Many of them were aware of what was waiting for them in Germany."

For our subjects, the reasons for engaging in prostitution overseas include two main ones: making money for oneself (54%) and making money to help their families (31%). As will be discussed in chapter 3, these two factors were also often cited by our subjects when asked why they got into prostitution in China. The other 15 percent offered a variety of other reasons for becoming involved in commercial sex overseas, including

(1) it was not so easy to make money as prostitutes in China anymore, especially given the frequent crackdowns by the authorities;

(2) they had run into a chickenhead who urged them to go overseas;

and/or (3) to get away from certain people, mainly husbands or boyfriends.


Money for self in Singapore

Money for self in Singapore

More than half the women in our sample said the main reason for them wanting to go overseas was simply to make money for themselves. Their most frequent answer was: "I was looking for an opportunity to make money, and then I met a returned xiaojie who told me how easy it was to earn money overseas. I said I want to give it a try, too." Let us take a look at how the women who were already engaged in commercial sex compare with the others with respect to their motives for going abroad.

Ah Dong. a 30-year-old married woman who was a streetwalker in a red-light district in Singapore, said: "I came here mainly to make money. I was making only $48 to $60 a day as a xiaojie in China; here I make $260 to $330 a day. As far as making money is concerned, there is no comparison whatsoever between these two places". Angie, a 37-year-old woman from Yiyang (Hunan Province) who was selling sex in Shantou (Guangdong Province) before she went to Hong Kong, explained why she went overseas:

I wanted to make lots of money quickly. At that time, I just broke up with my boyfriend in Shantou. I did not work for the two years we were together. In the beginning, he gave me some money, but later, he was spending my money. Therefore, I did not have any money when we broke up. Besides, I adopted a daughter, and I was desperate for money. So I came to Hong Kong to make money.

Another subject, Xiao Tao, said she came to Macau because a returned xiaojie told her she could make more money abroad:

The girlfriend of my boyfriend’s friend came back from Macau and told me that it was easy to make money in Macau. At any rate, while I was working as a prostitute in Zhanjiang and Shenzhen, I met many girls who came back from Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, and it seemed like they came back with lots of money. So I have always wanted to come out and give it a try, or I would regret it one day.

In brief, some of the subjects who were already engaged in prostitution in China were willing to go overseas because they learned that they could make more money abroad than in China, and they met someone who could help them to go abroad.


Commercial escort sex industry

Commercial escort sex industry

The overseas sex industry attracts not only women who are already prostitutes in China but also Chinese women who had never been involved in commercial sex. Among these women are some who had worked for many years in the legitimate labor market and were frustrated by how little money they were making. According to Xiao Song, a 24-year-old single woman who was looking for clients in the lobby of a small hotel in Macau:

I quit school after the first year of high school and worked in Shashi (Hubei Province) for a few months. Then a cousin brought me to Dong-guan (Guangdong Province) and I worked in a shoe factory. I made only about $50 a month and I often worked until midnight. Later, another cousin who is a shoe designer brought me to Zhuhai (Guangdong Province) and I worked for a small shoe factory. I made a little more than $120 a month in Zhuhai, but I still felt short of money. How can I get by with that kind of money? At that point, I met a xiaojie who just got back from Macau. She said: "Why don’t you take advantage of your youth to make money, otherwise you will not have the opportunity to make a ‘youthful meal’ (chinchunfang) any more." She told me that I could make more than $2,400 a month in Macau, so I came.

Bing Bing, 25 years old, single, from Changchun (the capital of Jilin Province), explained why she went to Taiwan and became an escort even though she had never been involved in commercial sex in China:

After dropping out of school during my last year in high school, I worked as a salesgirl in a boutique. Later, I started my own clothing business. At the beginning, I was doing fine, but not long after, my business went downhill. At that point, I was also splitting with my boyfriend. I was in a bad mood, and when my friend said she wanted me to go to Taiwan with her, I thought for a moment and said yes. Both of us knew a woman who just came back from Taiwan who bought a house and a new car. That woman did not tell me and my friend how much she actually made in Taiwan, but we could sense that she was rich, and we were really envious.


Crisis in Singapore family

Crisis in Singapore family

Ah Lian, a 35-year-old divorced woman from Xinhui (Guangdong), was working on the streets of a red-light district in Singapore when we interviewed her. Her reason for going to Singapore and working as a prostitute was very simple: "I came to make money. The amount of money you make a month in Singapore is about the same as what you make in ten years in China. I made $70 a month in China. After deducting $7 a month for lodging at the factory, I took home $63 a month and $750 a year—$7,500 in ten years. I can make $7,500 a month in Singapore".

Some of our subjects entered prostitution not because they needed money for themselves, but rather for their family. The reasons why these subjects’ families were in dire financial situations can be categorized into (1) there was a crisis in the family, (2) the head of the household was not supporting the family, (3) the husband was not supporting his wife, and (4) a divorced woman needed to support her family.

Some of our subjects went overseas because there was a crisis in the family and they needed to earn a substantial amount of money in a hurry. Miao Miao, a 24-year-old single woman from Liuzhou (Guangxi), who was not a xiaojie in China, explained why she went to Macau and took up commercial sex: "I needed to make a large amount of money in a very short time. My brother was arrested for assault. My family spent plenty of money on his case. In the end, he was sentenced to prison and my parents owed a huge debt. After witnessing how devastated my parents were with my brother’s imprisonment and our financial predicament, I decided to come to Macau to engage in prostitution to help them repay the debt".

Common people in China, as opposed to those of higher status, are unlikely to obtain a loan from a bank, and poor people are also unlikely to find relatives or friends who are willing to lend them money. When there is a crisis and money is needed to deal with the crisis, many ordinary families must thus rely on sometimes drastic measures to find the money. Becoming a prostitute may be one such drastic measure.


Sex experience in Asian Escort in Malaysia and Singapore
Sex experience in Asian Escort in Malaysia and Singapore
Sex experience in Asian Escort in Malaysia and Singapore
Sex experience in Asian Escort in Malaysia and Singapore


The overseas sex industry attracts not only women who are already prostitutes in China but also Chinese women who had never been involved in commercial sex. Among these women are some who had worked for many years in the legitimate labor market and were frustrated by how little money they were making.


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